Change Your Student's View of Learning

Register your middle schooler for tutoring sessions in Kilgore, TX

Continue building your child's confidence into middle school with Imani's Academic Learning Center. We offer middle school tutoring services in Kilgore, TX. During our eight-week program, our teachers will work with your student to close any gaps in their learning. For math and reading, we'll conduct an assessment every three to four months to see how your child is progressing.

Please note during the school year, our program will place more focus on homework assistance to ensure your child feels confident in what they're learning. We'll also do our best to mirror our tutoring sessions to what your child is currently learning in school.

We're currently running a special discount that covers your child's consultation, evaluation and materials for only $100. Call 903-213-5560 today to reserve your student's spot.

The materials you'll receive

Set your middle schooler up for success at Imani's Academic Learning Center in Kilgore, TX. We offer middle school tutoring for all subjects. After your child is registered for our tutoring sessions and has been evaluated, they'll receive...

  • A composition book
  • Access to our digital educational programs
  • Occasional worksheets depending on the topic
We encourage our students to read the material outside of these sessions for an overall comprehension of the subject matter. Get in touch with us for more information about our tutoring styles.