Build Your Child's Confidence in School

Check out our child tutoring program in Kilgore, TX

Starting school can be overwhelming for some children. At Imani's Academic Learning Center in Kilgore, TX, we believe we can help your child build a foundation for success with the right encouragement and educational support. Get in touch with us to enroll your elementary-age child in our eight-week child tutoring program.

We'll meet with you and your child to show your child that their voice matters here. We pair three students with one teacher but can provide a one-on-one setting for your child for an extra fee. You can also request virtual platforms. Either way, your child will have access to a real teacher.

Since we offer a holistic approach to elementary school tutoring, we highly encourage your child to attend for three hours a week. To learn more, call 903-213-5560. A staff member will be happy to answer any questions you have.

How it works

Don't wait to contact Imani's Academic Learning Center in Kilgore, TX. Our elementary school tutoring services include...

  • A consultation - we'll meet with you and your child to discuss the program and get to know your child
  • An evaluation - your child will be given a placement test to identify areas of strength and improvement
  • All necessary materials - we'll provide you with all the materials your child will need during their sessions
Receive your consultation, evaluation and materials for $100 right now only. Your child will receive a reoccurring evaluation every three to four months to monitor their progress. You can rest assured we'll do our best to mirror what your student is learning in real-time so that they go to school feeling confident.

Register your elementary student for our child tutoring program today.